Dubai Escort Mariya

Hi friends, my name is Mariya, and as a 24-year-old young Dubai escort girl, I trust my body a lot and I come to the meetings by wearing a mini skirt. As you come across, you will notice how beautiful and fresh my body is, and you will immediately get horny, we will leave and go to a hotel with a happiness of being able to fuck this woman. If you want, we can make the meetings at your home after a few meetings, because I do not have a condition to meet in hotels, I do not want to victimize you in any way, so I will try to find a middle ground and try to fulfill all your requests, gentlemen.

I have made it my duty to work with a focus on customer satisfaction, I will surely please you and leave you so I will ask if you are satisfied with me during the meeting, and if there is an issue you are not satisfied with, I will do everything in my power to fix it. As I said, I’m trying to realize all your fantasies, as long as they don’t get perverse, you can have a relationship with me in any position you want. I don’t only have anal sex because I think it’s very unhealthy.

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